20 Facts

I was challenged to write 20 facts about me on my Instagram account (Bigfootsgirlfriend) and here’s what I came up with. This was difficult!

1: I started sewing by hand in 7th grade. I got my first machine in 8th. I got my first serger the next summer. I started selling patchwork clothes on ebay my freshman year.
2: I made more money on Ebay my Soph & Junior years in highschool selling handmade goods than I have in the last 10 years.
3: Vended my 1st festival at Summer Camp Music Fest in 2005 where I met my boyfriend.
4: I have to thank my HS sewing teacher & the Stitchin Bitches for my sewing skills.
5: Josh & I have been dating 9+ years.
6: I was preemie & born 9 weeks early at 2lbs 2oz
7: i didn’t want kids until I’m 30, now I can’t imagine not having Jillian.
8: I have moved 9 times in 9 years. The longest rental we stayed was 2 years.
9: I have been to over 300/490 concerts/shows.
10: Most of which is Josh’s bands.
11: Grew up in the country in the middle of a farm.
12: i am 5ft.
13: I have traveled as far west as Colorado and North to Canada and East coast from NY to Fl
14: My mom died 3 years ago from MS. My life will never be the same.
15: My daughter is named after my mom, her name was Jill Ann, and my daughters is Jillian Angel.
16: We love camping, hiking, and travelling. Love our adventures.
17: Lost a year of my life the year after my mom passed. My dad bought a bar that I managed. I worked 100 hours a week that year. My dad lost control to alcohlism and closed the bar. It was open exactly 1 year and wasted all her inheritance on it. Worst year of my life.
18: I have never been on a rollercoaster, had the chance last summer but was pregnant.
19: I love everything handmade.
20: I used to hate cooking. I wish I learned more from my mom now that I am loving it and learning more things. She was a “clean eater” & I strive to be more like her.

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Baby’s 1st Vacation

Baby’s 1st Vacation

We had the chance for a mini getaway Father’s Day weekrnd. It was our first family vacation with Jillian! It was absolutly amazing! She was perfect!

We started our day by stopping at the New Glarus brewery. Great beer selection not sold where I live in Illinois! Great scenery with a roof top tasting bar.



Our destination was the Cave of the Mounds but decided to stop at the House on the Rock on the way there. So glad we did! We only went on 1 of the 3 tours but are already planning a trip back! It was amazing! The first thing we walked into was the most awesome carousel filled with vintage rides! The lights and music filled the room and was jaw dropping.



The next room was the music room! This enormous room was wall to wall in instruments! Organs, drums, pianos!! There’s so much to say about this house but really is a must see! I highly reccomend it!

Then we went to the Cave of the Mounds. By this time, Jillian was a bit tired and cranky. 🙂 The cold, dark cave scared her and she cried the first 15 minutes, then slept in my arms the rest of the time! I bought some amazing new minerals and crystals at the shop! The variety of specimens was a sute to see in itself.



We ended our day at the Grumpy Troll Brewery in Mt.Horeb- the Norwegian troll town! Grabbed dinner to eat back at the hotel. The day was just perfect!

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9 years

9 years

What an amazing 9 years. In a previous post, I wrote about Jillian’s 1st music fedtival. I didn’t write about how special Memorial weekend is and the special spot in my heart that Summer Camp Musical Festival holds. I met my boyfriend there. Although, from the same hometown, it was the first time we met. I’ll never forget getting to know each other sitting around the campfire while some of my favorite musicians played. His band played on the open mic stage that weekend. Its amazing now that they’ve played the big stage for the past 3 years. We’ve had some of the best times and most cherished memories over the years! We’ve toured, traveled, laughed, cried, and always loved. I couldn’t ask for a better partner, boyfriend, soulmate, lover, and now father.20140701-115217-42737319.jpg














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Baby’s 1st Festival

My boyfriend’s band Afternoon Moon played at Summer Camp Music Festival for their 3rd year this past May. We brought Jillian to her festival and it was wonderful! We got to hang out backstage and meet a bunch of friends! The weather was fantastic! The sun was shining! Jilly wore a beautiful new dress from the bass players girlfriend. It couldn’t of gone better.





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Baby’s first hike to Starved Rock

We are so blessed that Starved Rock State Park is literally our back yard! I love going there in the winter months and see the frozen waterfalls. I didn’t make any trips this winter being so pregnant and worried about falling on the ice! That and going to the bathroom every 10 minutes! I don’t miss that!

We were on an outing with the band and girlfriends! It was a great spring day. My boyfriends band used pictures from Starved Rock for their first 2 albums. They were taking more pictures for future promos. This park is very special to us! If you’re ever in northern Illinois, I highly suggest checking it out!

We took Jilly for her first hike in April! It was wonderful. We went to breakfast first at their amazing buffet and she slept through it all! Then we went tor a hike with the band! Dad loves babywearing! 🙂 There will ve many more trips to come!






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4 months~ really!

Wow! Where has the time gone? My baby is 4 months old now! It’s so hard to believe. I have been so distracted to blog lately. I am hoping to dedicate more time now!

I love love being a mother. It’s incredible waking up each morning to sweet smiles. We have a morning routine before work that ends in hugs and kisses before dropping her off at daycare. I truly miss her during work hours but it makes our evenings that much more special. She brightens the room with her gummy smile from ear to ear when I pick her. We get a few hours of play, then bath time, and feeding before bed. I successfully have her sleeping in her crib for the first shift of the night, then we bedshare. I was really against it at first but it makes breastfeeding that much easier! We both sleep! Waking up to her is most awesome! Breastfeeding has been quite the journey but proud I made it this far. The bond is like nothing else. It’s crazy how our bodies change to feed and nourish our little ones. She’s been just perfect for Josh and I and we couldn’t be happier! Yes, there are long nights and rough days, but not many! Josh is taking us on our first family mini vacation this weekend. We are visiting the Cave of the Mounds in Wisconsin!




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Instagram Contest!

Contest going on now on my Instagram page! Follow: @bigfootsgirlfriend


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