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1 month of Motherhood

Amazing how fast motherly instincts kick in. I will admit I was so nervous at first! The c-section is an awful pain that I thought would never go away. I hated not being able to drive and carrying her around. I could hardly get off the couch, let alone jump up when she started crying. The first month was hard in so many ways, but the bonding that took place was absolutly incredible! One the pain subsided, things became normal, and wonderful! The first smiles, bath, hug, nap snuggles… Pure baby bliss! How I love this peanut with all my heart!

Enjoy some my favorite pictures from month 1!






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Baby girl is here

Baby girl is here

Wow, how time has flown by. With spring approaching (after a miserable Illinois winter), inspiration is in the air! I am working on new designs and getting ready to order inventory!

I would like to first say thank you all for your support and well wishes. Baby Jillian arrived on a snowy February 4th weighing 5 pounds and 18.5″. I am so in love! She has been the best baby!

I am back to work and getting back to a routine. Took a lot longer to recover after having her via c-section. I hope to be back to my self a little more this summer!

Enjoy a few pictures from her first month!




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