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9 years

9 years

What an amazing 9 years. In a previous post, I wrote about Jillian’s 1st music fedtival. I didn’t write about how special Memorial weekend is and the special spot in my heart that Summer Camp Musical Festival holds. I met my boyfriend there. Although, from the same hometown, it was the first time we met. I’ll never forget getting to know each other sitting around the campfire while some of my favorite musicians played. His band played on the open mic stage that weekend. Its amazing now that they’ve played the big stage for the past 3 years. We’ve had some of the best times and most cherished memories over the years! We’ve toured, traveled, laughed, cried, and always loved. I couldn’t ask for a better partner, boyfriend, soulmate, lover, and now father.20140701-115217-42737319.jpg














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Baby’s 1st Festival

My boyfriend’s band Afternoon Moon played at Summer Camp Music Festival for their 3rd year this past May. We brought Jillian to her festival and it was wonderful! We got to hang out backstage and meet a bunch of friends! The weather was fantastic! The sun was shining! Jilly wore a beautiful new dress from the bass players girlfriend. It couldn’t of gone better.





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I will share more baby stuff, because well being a new mom is exciting! My life changed and I love it. I will still be making time to craft, blog, sew, and inspire!

Today, I am showcasing an upcycled vest that will be listed in my Etsy shop soon. This is one of my favorite applique designs and will be a staple in my clothing designs!

Photo Credit: Amanda Weygand Photography





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The Boyfriend

My soulmate of 8 1/2 years has been overwhelmed with emotions and can’t wait to be a dad! Of course, I’m excited to meet our little baby and have an amazing bonding relationship with her. I’m also so thrilled to do it with Josh. Watch him grow and shine in this next adventure chapter of our lives. The daddy daughter love will be ever blissing and heartwarming to witness.

He plays guitar in a regional touring rock band! Him and his twin brother, and soon to be legendary Uncle, started the band 3 years ago! Last night, I was able to watch them perform their last local show before the baby hiatis! Yes, 9 months pregnant! 🙂 I can’t even describe the abundance of love and support from our moon family and friends!

Check them out! ~ releasing their 2nd album soon!

My heart is glowing and my mind is racing. Incredible anticipation.





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Cabin Fever

Ready for an evening of music and dancing~ Going to Cabin Fever to check out my favorite band- Afternoon Moon! Check them out~

!*Dance like nobody’s watching*!

This weekend we head to Peoria, IL for Cabin Fever Indoor Music Festival 2013.  Saturday at 9:30 PM, we take over the Yellow Moon Stage!  This is our 3rd year returning to Cabin Fever and we hope you can make it out for this unique event.  For more info:

Featured artwork by Jon Griffin Art!

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